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Building Trust International’s competitioncalled for entrants to design homes that could withstand flooding and offer a safe and secure home for low income families – all for the price of $2,000. Cambodia especially is seeing a need to change the nature of their construction industry, because of the lack of environmental responsibility within the industry. These designs highlighted many different sustainable materials and methods that Cambodians could use in order to reduce the carbon footprint produced by new homes.

The jury picked three professional submissions to take top honors: ‘Wet + Dry House’ by Mary Ann Jackson, Ralph Green, Muhammad Kamil and Nick Shearman from Australian firm Visionary Design Development Pty Ltd; ‘Courtyard House’ by Jess Lumley & Alexander Koller from the UK; and ‘Open Embrace’ by Keith Greenwald and Lisa Ekle from USA. The three submissions proposed ideas such as the addition of rainwater collectionand recycling systems, composting toilets, green roofs, solar panels, cross ventilation, resilient construction techniques, and flexible spaces.

For More information about the competition submissions, visit Building Trust International’s Facebook page.

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