Paul Cocksedge is a young British designer whose elegant lighting incorporates rarely considered materials and exploits their properties through illumination.

In “Bulb,” Cocksedge takes three natural elements- electricity, water, and a flower, to create a remarkably simple lamp with dazzling- yet organic properties. Inserted into a vase of water, the flower stem is used to switch on a small halogen light at the base of the “lamp.” The water within the vase then projects the light- as would a lens- and the flower is silhouetted from the glow. Because the conductive property of the sap is what creates the path for currnet, once the flower dies, the light will go out.

Paul Cocksedge has used other unusual materials such as styrofoam cups and pencil drawings to create designs of both technical and visual beauty.

+ Paul Cocksedge

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