In the spirit of the iconic VW bus that debuted over 60 years ago, Volkswagen unveiled a new compact concept version, the Bulli. Named after what Germans called the original version, the new bus runs on an all electric motor but is modeled, in spirit, after its freewheeling ancestor. With a driving range of up to 184 miles and a pair of seats that fully recline to make room for a bed, Volkswagen is poised to make this their new, zero-emissions road trip automobile.

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The Bulli is still very much a concept vehicle but things look promising with Jonathan Browning, president and CEO of Volkswagen of America pushing for it to become a reality. “Bulli is number one on my unfunded projects list,” Browning told Automobile Magazine about the adorableelectric vehicle. With this concept, Volkswagen wanted to bring back the idea of freedom that the original VW microbus inspired. Pick up your surfboard and a sleeping bag and your car keys. Your home is also your mode of transportation — tell us what’s more green than that dual-purpose machine!

The all new Bulli is said to go from 0 to 60 in about 11 seconds and is markedly smaller than its predecessor. It has just two rows of seats — not as many travelers fit in the new age bus — and it can accommodate up to five people. The LED headlights will light your journey at night when you’re not sleeping in the back with the seats folded down. Though this lil’ guy is far from production, we’re hoping that Browning has his way — the Bulli has us dreaming of the Pacific Coast Highway and a longboard already.