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We’re huge fans of stand-workinghere at Inhabitat, so when we spotted this cool work pod that channels the power of pedaling, we were immediately enamored. The WeBike is a super-eco-friendly work desk that not only promotes co-working and exercise, but it’s made fromsustainable materials and turns all your foot motion into power for your gadgets!

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Photo: Gizmag

The standard WeBike arrangement consists of three seats around a circular table, each with its own set of pedals that convert cycling action into electricity. An LED monitor tracks progress, indicating how much electricity is available for gadgets at any given moment. We-Watt claims that the pedal system can generate around 230Vac/30Watts of output per seat.

The main body of the unit is made from aluminum, steel and reclaimed cedar wood. The table top is constructed from high pressure laminate from Trespa, and the seat covers are made from factory waste leather.

Cool as it may be, the WeBike doesn’t come cheap; the pods run at $13,154 each, and there is a two- to five-month production window. The company does however also operate rental schemes. You can find a few of these pods in operation at the EXKi Restaurant and the Cameleon Shopping Mall in Brussels, and the International Congress Center in Gent.

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