This room of carefully stacked wood wasn’t built by creative urban beavers – it’s an art installation made up of the outer timber of the surrounding crumbling house. The site is one of many houses in Detroit slated for demolition, but once this house is torn down, the wood sculpture will remain. Designed by Catie Newell and The Imagination Station, the project aims to revitalize the area with creative assemblages like this one. Read on to learn more about these Rust Belt builders (who are decidedly human) . . .

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It’s no secret that the Rust Belt has proven to be fertile ground for creative urban play. Artists in Detroit have painted houses orange, bought foreclosed homes, and started a campaign to buy back the city. The Imagination Station bought this burned-out edifice and the lot next to it in the hopes of creating a community media center and a space for art. The stacked installation, called Salvaged Landscape, will stand as a memorial to the house it is built from after the charred timbers and scrap have been hauled away. The lots are located right across from the old Detroit Central Station. hopefully they’ll be creating a new kind of hub.

+ Imagination Station

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