Fans of the WHO Farm Project and other crazy green bus projectswill enjoy Bus Roots, a green roof system designed for buses by Marco Castro Cosio. Ethereally speaking, it grounds the urban, metallic inflexible atmosphere of modern transport with the essence of nature. Logically speaking: it’s a green roof for a bus.

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Showcasing a contained sprawl of mostly low-growing succulents, Bus Roots earned second runner-up in the DesignWala Grand Idea Competition. Cosio created the project as his thesis at NYU. The project posits: “If we grew a garden on the roof of every one of the 4,500 buses in the MTA bus fleet, we would have 35 acres of new rolling green space in the city.” The BioBus sports the current prototype on its roof, touring it around to festivals and fairs. It’s a traveling habitat, a way to reduce the urban heat island effect, and another excuse to grow succulents. Pretty. We like.

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