When she’s not slinging brews behind a Bushwick bar, designer Lorelei Christensen is scouring some of New York City’s darkest corners looking for debris that she can transform into shiny little pieces of eco-jewelry. Her company, Piece and Gathering, features necklaces that are made by encasing discarded items — anything from cigarette butts to chewed gum — in delicate glass pendants.

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trash inside resin in a gold pendant

Christensen, who has been working on her eco-jewelry collection for four years, often works late nights at a local bar. But during her free time, she can be found scouring for trash from specific locations, such as Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge and Bushwick, to use in her innovative creations.

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old key in a necklace

person wearing long gold necklace

“Collecting the debris is so interesting. I find surprising, funny, beautiful and disgusting things every single time. I can’t wait to find more people like me who will not only enjoy, but also profit from this new form of treasure seeking,” she explained.

two gold pendants, one filled with dead flowers and one filled with a cigarette butt

blue balloon and chunk of Styrofoam inside a gold pendant

To create her designs, Christensen hand-crafts her pieces by encasing the discarded trash she finds in a clear, bio-resin surrounded by delicate, golden frames. In addition to her wearable items, she also makes small art pieces out of certain items she finds. A cool bauble for any occasion, the eco-jewelry also comes with a tag that identifies where the trash was sourced. The collection certainly gives new meaning to “statement piece.”

line-up of necklaces filled with trash

cluster of trash-filled gold necklaces

The ambitious designer has just launched a Kickstarter that specifically features a select few pieces that were found at the top of the Empire State Building, the base of the Statue of Liberty and the streets of the World Pride Parade. For now, you can keep up with Christensen’s work on her Instagram page, Piece and Gathering.

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