Starting next year businesses will be able to create their own recycled paper from waste scraps using Epson’s PaperLab – the world’s first compact machine that recycles paper without water. Old documents will find new life with the system’s innovative technology that can produce varying sizes and thickness of paper – even different colors and scents.

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Production will begin in Japan in 2016 and a prototype will be on display at Epson’s booth in the Eco-Products 2015 expo this week. It is expected to make quite a splash for an in-office system that uses no water in its design. Typical recycling practices involve about a cup of water per sheet to produce paper, but Epson uses a dry process instead. Paper is pulverized down to its fibers and then bound and formed using intense pressure to produce new, usable sheets. The company estimates that 6,720 sheets can be produced in an eight-hour work day.

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Not only does the system require no water, but it also knocks down carbon footprints by cutting out the need to transport paper products to a recycling plant. Now employees can turn confidential documents back into usable materials without the cost of hiring a company to properly dispose of sensitive information. The whole system means cutting costs for businesses and less strain on the environment.


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