A luxury street fashion brand has partnered with a major sex toy manufacturer in a move that combines style, recycling and raising awareness of reproductive rights. Rose in Good Faith is upcycling Doc Johnson dildos into sneakers and paying for three lucky buyers to get vasectomies.

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Two photos of feet wearing black shoes with black crew socks from the side and from an angle

The first iteration, dubbed the “Plastic Soul,” dropped in July and was all white. Rose in Good Faith followed it up with the same shoe design in a color called “Endless Black” at the end of August. The shoes have raised arches in the footbeds to lessen stress on the knees and hips. A natural cork insole adds to the wearability and comfort. The company is synthesizing a “chunky hiking shoe with the sleekness and energy of a low-ankle runner.”

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Two photos left to right: A person laying on the side wearing just black shoes and the words "Stop F*cking Mother Nature" and a pair of legs wearing black shoes with the words "Rose in Good Faith"

However, if you want Endless Black, you’d better hurry. Only 500 pairs of this limited-edition shoe will be available on Rose in Good Faith’s website and at Fred Segal’s Los Angeles flagship location.

A woman laying on her side next to a black shoe

When talking about dildo shoes, the obvious question is ew, who wants to put their feet inside used dildos? Fortunately for the squeamish, Plastic Souls are made from defective adult toys, not used ones. Doc Johnson and Rose in Good Faith worked on this project for almost two years, developing a special process to grind down the deficient dildos into millimeter-sized cubes of thermoplastic elastomer. They mix the cubes with non-bleach EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam, then injection mold them into the shape of the shoe.

Two photos left to right: A person wearing a blue top hugs a black shoe, two pairs of legs crisscrossing wearing black shoes

“We are so proud of this partnership with Rose In Good Faith to promote sex positivity through fashion and innovation,” said Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson COO. “It was important to us that we create a shoe that was conscious of environmental impact, which is why we are beyond thrilled to make these using our upcycled sex-toy materials. We can’t wait to get these out in the world as part of our global movement to destigmatize sexual health and wellness.”

Two images left to right: A person crouched down wearing black shoes on a rock, two legs crossed over with one touching a rock wearing a black shoe

Rose in Good Faith is in favor of reproductive choice, but thinks the topic too often centers on women. Rose in Good Faith has offered to reimburse surgical procedures for three men who buy the Endless Black shoe and then get a vasectomy.

“I’m always surprised when the conversations around reproductive rights don’t also fall on men,” said David Teitelbaum, founder of Rose In Good Faith, in a statement. “There’s not enough attention around vasectomies, which have gotten so advanced over the years, they are almost painless and, guess what, reversible. As someone who doesn’t want kids myself, the responsibility is not fully on my partner. If I’m part of the equation to make a child, I should also be part of the solution.”

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