If you’ve ever dreamed of being a submarine commander, now’s your chance – ‘Captain’ Richard Williams, a WWII enthusiast, is being forced to sell his homemade U-boat – The U-8047. The submarine, which was crafted from an old canal boat, used to be moored 100 yards from Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds but it was asked to be moved. It is now on sale after a 90% fall in visitors.

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For a mere £30,000, you can buy the U-8047 which, while only a fifth of the length of a real-life submarine, is able to travel in six feet of water. The U-boat used to be popular with visitors to the armory, but when it was moved 100 yards downstream, it no longer attracted as many people.

‘Captain’ Williams built the submarine from an old canal boat and even enlisted the help of a company which supplied props for the Star Wars and James Bond movies in order to make it look as realistic as possible. Design-wise, it is a unique combination of German and British styles and can ‘sleep’ up to six crew members.

Capt Williams spent £50,000 to create the submarine, and he hopes that it can be sold and still run by the current “crew”, if aided by corporate sponsors. However if you want to buy it as a ‘private investor’, then you can use it as a fully functioning boat – even though it is equipped with a coning tower, periscope, torpedo room and uniforms.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Capt Williams added: ‘This is a unique opportunity to own the world’s only mobile submarine museum, which is based in Leeds but able to travel the canal network.’

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