If you’ve ever found ghost towns fascinating, you can now buy your very own right off Craigslist. A small abandoned former gold mining town called Seneca in Northern California is up for the highest bidder- with an asking price of just $225,000. True, what’s left is just three rundown cabins and a “bar,” but the real value lies in the liquor license, which might just inspire the right history-loving entrepreneur to open a new ghost-town themed getaway.

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It seems you can buy almost anything on Craigslist now, including your own personal ghost town. In the mid 1800s, Seneca was once home to 1,000 mining families, including 500 Chinese miners and a fabled opium den. Old mining equipment still dots the property, adding layers of artifacts to the ghost stories. The town has been mostly abandoned since the 1980s, when the Gin Mill (the bar included in the sale) was closed. Albeit remote, Seneca is just a 4.5 hour drive from the Bay Area and three hours north of Sacramento.

Aside from the magic and mystique of Gold Rush history, the ghost town is also positioned on a beautiful landscape. The property spans 9.8 acres that straddles the Feather River, including a small island and a quaint swimming hole for summer adventures. The cabins, albeit rustic, could still provide all the trimmings for a family escape from the big city, with giant covered open porches and cozy wood stove-warmed interiors.

Seneca is the ultimate escape fantasy, your own private historic ghost town with commercial potential- a liquor license. At $225,000, it’s a steal for a bit of California history.

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