An electric bus recently set a new record for the longest journey on a single charge in Denmark, when it managed to drive more than 200 miles while traveling its normal route. BYD, the Chinese company that makes the bus, said that the e-bus exceeded the previous best performance set by one of its vehicles during the company’s European trials. As an added bonus, the record also smashes the official distance record of 155 miles for an all-electric bus.

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A second trial of an ebus in Copenhagen, which was run by the operator Arriva, also came out on top. The bus completed a full day of operation, while fully-loaded, and still managed to cover a distance of 93 miles over a 10 hour period. Due to the cold winters in Copenhagen, it also meant that the electric heating system was on the whole time. After that, the bus was taken on a 56 mile motorway run, to cover a total distance of 149 miles. All of this was achieved on a single charge, and just like the bus mentioned before, had an impressive 8 percent of battery life left at the end of its day.

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The news serves as further proof that electric vehicles (EVs) are a tried-and-tested alternative to diesel models. Electricity is cheaper than diesel, which means lower running costs, but at the same time results in reduced greenhouse emissions, and cleaner air for everyone in the city. On a side note, while China is often at the mercy of the media because of its terrible pollution record, BYD is a shining example of a Chinese company trying to build a more sustainable future.

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Images via BYD