Hybrid-electric city buses and coaches are now common-place in many urban environments, but the transition to fully electric vehicles remains a reluctant one. BYD Motors hopes to change that with their newly unveiled C9 coach, which can travel over 190 miles at highway speed on a single charge.

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Formally unveiled this week in New Orleans, BYD’s C9 is a two-axle, 40′ coach with the seating capacity to carry 47 people, and it’s the first of three 100% Battery Electric coaches that the company plans to launch this year. With its 190 mile range, it can travel at a top highway speed of 62.5mph. As Gas2 specifies, the C9’s “365 kWh lithium-ion iron phosphate battery pack can be recharged in less than 2 hours by way of a 200 kW charging system.”

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Admittedly, none of these stats are especially astounding and for long-haul inter-city coach travel the range is not particularly helpful. But for the market that uses coaches to ferry people around conventions or on tours, this could be a game changer. BYD Motors all-electric bus is similarly the first of its kind to be in service—it can travel 155 miles on a single charge, and recharges in 5 hours.

A number of other companies have followed suit in the development of all-electric buses, so perhaps this could signal the start of a trend in electric coaches. As BYD Coach & Bus Vice President of Sales, Macy Neshati explained “It was exciting to walk around last year’s APTA Expo… and see so many reputable names displaying an electrified transit bus. However, I don’t think anybody thought they would see a viable electric coach solution for a few more years.”

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