Walking around at CABOOM4 this weekend, we were intrigued by the numerous attendees carrying bags from Botanist, and we finally managed to stumble across their display. We are always fond of organic form taking root in recyclable materials and the beautiful Botanist line of end tables, cocktail tables, and benches are a perfect blend of style and substance.

With four finishes durable enough to weather the outdoors and two natural wood veneers for the interior of the house, Botanist gives you a comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors or bring some of the outdoors in. The varying different lengths and color combinations allow you to mix and match to your heart’s content, finding the right grouping to work into your home or patio area. Now if only the aluminum was recycled (instead of just recyclable), and the wood was FSC certified – we’d be happy campers indeed.

Botanist  furniture design, Orange22, Design Labs, Sustainable laser-cut Aluminum Furniture

A creation of Orange22 Design Lab. Inc, the Botanist collection strives to stay within the founding principles of Orange22, creating well-designed elements where emotions are touched through site, shape, and weight. Design Brandon Lynne explains, “With Botanist, the challenge was in both design and manufacturing. We started with a beautiful form, and worked meticulously to ensure it would be easy for us to manufacture and sell at an appealing price.”

The advance automation techniques used to produce the Botanist series allow Orange22 to remain competitive will manufacturing their products within the US.

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