Thanks to CABoom4, we were introduced to Viesso, a company which brings the concepts of prefab and mass customization (with minimal construction waste, eco-friendly products, and quick turnover) to your living room. What’s so incredible about Viesso, is their ability to produce a completely custom product that is ready to ship in just three weeks at a price that is unbelievably affordable. Best of all, each of their pieces come with an eco-friendly option to make sure your furniture, from the springs and foam, to the frame and fabrics are all from green resources.

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Viesso’s self-guided online customization process is super easy, even for those who aren’t the most computer savy. You’ll find the resulting products to be well made, durable, and exactly to your specifications. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can try-out several of Viesso’s pieces first hand before purchasing in their Santa Monica Showroom. If for any reason you can’t find exactly what you want on Viesso‘s website, they are more then willing to work with you to make your design a reality. For those of you interested in seeing if your design skills are store front worthy, try out your design in Viesso‘s Design Contest. Entries are due May 14th, 2007 and the winner will be announced on their website on May 28th. First place receives $1000 store credit to bring your design (or one of from the current line) to life.

Those hesitant to be creative, or who would rather walk away with something more immediate should check-out Viesso’s Floor Model Sale.

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