WoodWatch has introduced a new vegan watch strap made of cactus leather. The sustainable wristwatch brand plants a tree every time you buy a product from its watch or accessory lines. Even the wood that WoodWatch uses is sustainably sourced. It’s a unique and fashionable choice available in a wide range of face colors.

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So, why cactus leather? WoodWatch chose cactus for this new watch strap line because it’s organic, vegan, cruelty-free, durable and biodegradable. These qualities make it an aesthetically pleasing replacement for animal leather. Cactus leather also has longevity and can be manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. WoodWatch says its vegan leather is 100% environmentally friendly and doesn’t use plastics, toxins or other leather replacements that harm the environment. In other words, this vegan leather isn’t plastic.

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A brown watch on a person's wrist.

Cactus leather has the same texture and quality as normal leather. It can be grown sustainably and without much water. As the WoodWatch designers said, as a “result of all these characteristics combined, we knew cactus leather would be the ideal addition to the WoodWatch product list.”

A brown watch against a wood background surrounded by green cactus leaves.

Harvesting cactus for leather making is said to be much like a haircut. Rather than harvesting the entire plant, the cactus gets trimmed. Cactus leather maker DESSERTO works with WoodWatch to produce the watch straps. DESSERTO described the process, explaining that harvesters “cut the leaves, clean and mash them, let them dry under the sun for 3-6 days, mix it with non-toxic chemicals, and lastly, shape it into any texture or color they want.”

A brown watch against a wood background.

The trunk of each cactus is left intact during harvesting, and only the larger leaves are taken, allowing the smaller leaves to grow and replace them. Three mature leaves per cactus make one linear meter of raw material, which can turn into about 100 watch straps. The process is highly efficient, and the watch straps are made to order to cut down on material waste.

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WoodWatch watch straps include quick-release mechanisms for switching straps easily. You can order engraving on the watch strap to personalize it further.

A brown watch on a person's wrist.

WoodWatch started in 2013 with three friends who wanted to redirect people’s perceptions about the effects their material possessions have on the environment. The founders believe that by offering sustainable products, they can have a positive impact on the world.

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