It took 90,000 Cadbury Dairy Milk pebbles and five people working for 100 hours to make a giant chocolate castle on Brighton beach in the UK. Cadbury decided to celebrate the August bank holiday by building by hand a chocolate structure using one of the company’s latest products.

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The castle, nearly three meters high, was built in the Helix workshop and transported to the beach where it instantaneously started attracting attention from the locals. The creators used a quarter ton of fondant icing and 20 kilos of icing sugar to keep the pebbles together.

Seen from afar, the object looks like a regular beach castle made from stone pebbles. However, on closer inspection one can see that although similar to common beach pebbles, the ones used by Cadbury are much more fun and delicious!

+ Helix 3D Ltd.

Via NotCot and DesignTaxi