Made from recycled, ocean-bound plastic, the Cadence magnetic, refillable containers offer a sustainable, convenient and stylish solution to single-use travel bottles. From shampoo to vitamins and skincare to jewelry, the customizable, honeycomb-shaped capsules stick together magnetically to keep everything organized in your travel bag. Perhaps the best part? Cadence uses a proprietary blend of recycled plastic specially designed to keep products secure and fresh.

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According to the company, at least 9 billion single-use travel containers and 6 billion silicone travel bottles will find their way to beaches and landfills throughout our lifetimes. Even worse, 80% of plastic on beaches ends up in the oceans, polluting ecosystems and harming wildlife.

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Cadence works with partner Envision Plastics, which employs local communities to collect plastic from beaches around the world. Today, the Cadence containers are made using 50% recycled material blended from ocean-bound plastic and reused scrap plastic from its own production, though it plans to bring that number up soon. The young company has assembled a team dedicated to finding the best way to create capsules made of 100% recycled plastic while keeping the product reusable and durable.

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Recycled ocean plastic aside, what sets these capsules apart from other travel containers is the fact that they are strong enough to be thrown around in your suitcase yet fashionable enough to look good on your desk or bathroom counter. The containers are designed to hold 16 milliliters/0.56 ounces of product and come in three colors: terracotta, lavender and sand. They are BPA-free, guaranteed leak-proof, dishwasher-safe and TSA-compliant as well. Buyers can choose a customized magnetic label when they purchase or choose from one of the preset icons or labels available (“cleaner,” “hand cream,” etc.).

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Each capsule is priced at $14, with the option to customize your own label for an additional $3. The company also offers discounts on preset bundles of six or seven.

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