In the last few years, knitting and crocheting have made a real come-back. These are no longer old lady sports, and all kinds of type-A execs and supercool hipsters have knitting circles to prove it. When well done, yarn art is lovely. And Cai’s croched lights are downright fabulous.

We were drawn like moths to these illuminated orbs yesterday at ICFF, which emerge from the same design team as the deer head trophy lamps Jill raved about after last year’s show. Essentially, the Stocking Lamps are clear spheres containing a lightbulb on a cord fed down through the top, around which fit perfectly gorgeous crocheted cozies. Isabelle Rolland, one of the Cai design trio, gave us a demo on how the covers can be unbuttoned and swapped out for new colors and patterns. We could gush about these for days.

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