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The entrance to Cala D’or House is closed to the street and opened at the back, with a large bank of second-story windows that look out on the garden and enjoy amazing views of the sea. It consists of a compact volume with a lower open level — the “summer house” — and an upper level that is used as the “winter house,” topped by a rustic bamboo shade. Made from local materials, the home is supported with steel pillars, and it features cool concrete slab floor and plastered walls with traditional blue ceramic tiles.

The rear of the house opens up to the garden and pool; it’s protected from the sun and exposed to the cool Mediterranean Sea breeze. The house’s interiors are modern and clean, wooden and white. With a total area of 900 square feet, summer and winter spaces, the Cala D’or House allows for good weather all year round.

+ Flexo Arquitectura 

Via Arch Daily

Photos by José Hevia