Nobody makes renewable energy look as beautiful or curious as Caleb Charland. A professional photographer whose work is displayed in collections throughout the globe, Charland has been working on a series of images of alternative batteries like this one powered by citric acid. Galvanized nails react with citric acid to deliver enough of an electrical current to power a small embedded LED bulb.

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The artist had to expose the image for a full 14 hours to achieve this extraordinary result. This is the first time that Charland has experimented with a single piece of fruit to create these striking images, which accounts for the extraordinarily small amount of energy the orange produces. In the past he has produced similar results with an orchard full of apples, several glasses of vinegar, and other fruits and vegetables.

In part, the purpose of the series is to unveil the “extraordinary in the ordinary,” which helps, we think, to inspire people to take up the cause of clean energy with more zeal. And there’s absolutely no photoshopping involved. All of Charland’s images are produced in-camera, with a flatbed scanner or in a darkroom. They look so good we could eat ’em.

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