A round of applause for California! In an effort to trim statewide emissions by 1/3 by 2020, the state of California recently adopted CALGREEN, the first mandatory state-wide green building code in the country. The code was unanimously passed by the California Building Standards Commission and will take effect on January 1st, 2011. The building codes cover everything from construction waste recycling to indoor air quality standards.

sustainable design, green design, green building, recycled materials, policy, California passed the CALGREEN building codePhoto by Clinton Steeds

The state-wide building code declares that construction sites must recycle 50 percent of their waste, reduce water consumption by 20 percent, and install separate indoor and outdoor water meters on non-residential buildings in the hope that they will cut water use significantly. The code also states that only low-emission indoor finishing products can be used such as low-VOC paints, carpets and flooring. The codes will be regulated by local agencies that currently regulate other building measures in California and the state is hoping that it will be an easy transition towards greener buildings.

Above and beyond the mandatory codes there are voluntary goals for buildings to reach for an even higher green standard. California is hoping these codes will help make greening buildings easier by unifying the system. We solute their efforts and hope that CALGREEN is a roaring success!


Via Green Inc.