Take that giant oil companies! Petroleum-backed California Proposition 23 was looking to overturn the most comprehensive climate law in the country but was stomped out at the polls yesterday by California voters. Golden Staters can take pride in the fact that they didn’t listen to the big oil spin and held fast to their green credentials by keeping a law that promotes renewable energy growth, green collar jobs, advanced sustainable technology and low emissions vehicles on the books.

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Proposition 23 was supported and fueled by a coalition of big oil companies, The California Manufacturers & Technology Association, secretary-treasurer of the State Building & Construction Trades Council and the Americans for Prosperity of California, among others. Its defeat comes thanks not only to California voters but also to people like Bill Gates who poured their personal cash into the cause and Silicon Valley investors who poured millions into the defeat efforts.

After the failure of the US Congress to pass comprehensive climate legislation, all eyes were on California as this vote was counted to see if the climate change cause was lost and gone forever. Thankfully, it seems like it is still alive and well with the vote tallied as 59% of Golden State voters saying “no” to Prop 23. With Democrat Jerry Brown announced as California’s new Governor, we’ll now look to him to push this legislation successfully into the future now that it has survived this attack. Brown has noted that he hopes to derive at least 33% of California’s energy from renewable sources. With California in major debt and a new leader taking the helm, let’s hope they really push to make green a part of the recovery of their economy.

Via Reuters