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For the California Dreaming Project, Bild Architecture renovated a duplex development that is located in an area of the city originally developed with inter-war ‘California Bungalow’ type housing. These California Bungalow houses are now considered inadequate in terms of space, light and environmental performance, so this renovation sought to address those needs. The homes were altered to provide more north-facing public space to take advantage of the sun. The signature double-gable roof form was extended and wrapped around the building, which works to maximize solar gain in the winter and shield the interior in the summer and from the sun in the afternoon on the west side.

In addition to solar passive design, the firm worked to minimize environmental impact during construction as well as improve ongoing environmental performance though out the life of the building. Daylighting works in conjunction with natural ventilation, high efficiency building insulation and double glazing, to minimize energy use. Materials were chosen based on environmental life cycle thinking considerations. Finally the homes were clad with timber sourced from sustainable Australian plantation hardwood that was milled using a radial saw to minimize waste. The end result is a contemporary set of homes that update urban infill housing and respond to growing needs for light, flexible space and environmental sustainability.

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