While some may settle on using a Xbox or Wii to achieve their dreams of flying a jumbo jet, Californian James Price decided to build his own in-home flight simulator using an actual Boeing 737. Price started his project back in 2000, first chopping up the plane, gutting it and then installing all new parts before he eventually brought it to his home in Pleasanton. While you might think that enjoying a turn in this simulator requires a whole lot of imagination and a willingness to shout out some “whoosh” and “zoom” sounds, think again; “flying” this beauty is just like the real thing. Hit the jump to see to a video of Price’s awe-inspiring creation in action — we’re sure it will blow your socks off!

Price started with a 1969 Lufthansa Boeing 737-100 and began work on the plane in a hangar at the Livermore Airport 12 years ago. Amazingly, the craft works just like a real airplane, with Boeing pedals, lights, switches and the same systems and software that a real jet uses. Three screens sit ahead of the plane window, providing visuals that can be programmed to any location in the world to simulate the same flight path. The whole thing even vibrates!

So far Price has invested about $150,000 into the simulator, and he says he plans to keep working away at it well into the future. He told the Mercury Times, “I don’t think it will ever really be finished…I will tinker with it for years to come. There is always some new technology coming along that is too irresistible not to add to my project.”

Price is no stranger to the skies either — he’s a private pilot and he’s been working as an air traffic controller at Oakland Air Traffic Control Center in Fremont for years.

Via Mercury News