California is embracing the future exactly how Marty McFly envisioned it. This week, the state passed legislation making hoverboards legal to use on the streets. Formerly banned, hoverboards, as well as electric skateboards, can now be operated alongside bicycles, letting adventurists ride straight into the future.

The current ban on motorized skateboards did not see a future of streets full of hoverboards, as it was initially put into place in the 1970s and referred to petrol-powered personal vehicles. Getting up to date, California decided to redact the outdated law, and allow upgraded skateboards to boogie along with commuters in the bike lane.

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The law, referred to as AB 604, also takes safety into account, requiring hoverboard riders to gear up as if on a bike. The boards, carrying just one body, have to adhere to a speed less than 20 miles per hour at a size smaller than 60 inches by 18 inches in order to fit the bill. Like bicycles, the law requires riders to wear a helmet, and like any other vehicle, must be sober will operating.

The legality lets riders bring their boards to public areas designated for bicycles, but that doesn’t mean that they can go anywhere. Private land is a big no-no, as are areas meant solely for pedestrians. Ironically, the judgment came on the very same day that England signed a law to ban the use of hoverboards and electric skateboards across the country. Californians can (legally) enjoy their hoverboards starting January 1, 2016.

Via The Guardian

Images via Hoverboard360