Driving an electric car in California will soon be a lot easier thanks to a new $120 million dollar settlement. California governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. has announced a $120 million settlement with NRG Energy Inc. that will fund a network of electric vehicle charging stations across the state. The electric vehicle charging network will include at least 200 public fast-charging stations along with an additional 10,000 plug-in units at 1,000 locations across California.

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The settlement stems from California’s energy crisis and follows the state’s Air Resources Resources Board’s (ARB) update to its zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) program. The revisions include the most significant change to California’s ZEV program in its 20-year history-requiring battery, fuel cell, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to account for up to 15 percent of California’s new vehicle sales by 2025.

This fee-based charging network will consist of at least 200 publicly available fast-charging stations-installed in the San Francisco Bay area, the San Joaquin Valley, the Los Angeles Basin and San Diego County, which can add 50 miles of range in less than 15 minutes of charging. Additionally the plan includes the wiring for at least 10,000 individual charging stations located at homes, offices, multifamily communities, schools and hospitals located across the State.

“Governor Brown’s executive order and the settlement are significant and creative commitments to a clean energy future for California. More electric vehicles on the road and more charging stations will help create jobs in California while cleaning our air, tackling global warming, and protecting consumers from pain at the pump,” stated Adrienne Alvord, California and Western States director for the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Nissan also released this statement following Governor Brown’s announcement, “Nissan applauds California Governor Brown’s clear vision and strong commitment to electric vehicles through the $120 million investment for the creation of the Electric Expressway. California is leading the way in fostering the growth of electric cars, such as the zero-emissions Nissan Leaf. More than 40 percent of the 11,000 Leafs sold in the United States are on the roads in California. Today’s landmark commitment, which will bring more than 10,000 electric-vehicle charging points to the state, paves the way for widespread adoption of this critical technology.”

Via Autoblog