On Wednesday the U.S. Federal Railroad Administration approved the initial segment of the $63 billion California High Speed Rail project. Construction will begin in 2013 on the first 65-mile second of the proposed 800-mile line, which will eventually run from San Francisco to Sacramento to Los Angeles.

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California’s bullet train network is expected to take decades to construct, but will be a nice added transportation feature for a state that is plagued by population growth and transit deficiencies.  Though California cannot afford this costly transportation plan (with cost ballooning from $45 billion to $63 billion), Democratic Governor Jerry Brown supports this plan with notions of job creation and greater mass transportation.

The last major opposition to California’s High-Speed Rail Authority’s plan could be the farmers’ unions in the central valley of California. The agricultural production of California’s central valley provides produce for much of the country, and recent battles about water rights have also spurred political issues by the farmers’ unions. Is the sacrifice of a couple hundred acres of farmland justified in order to reduce the pollution and consumption caused from alternate modes of transportation?

Via Yahoo News