Anna Baróthy of Szövetség’39 worked with biologist and diver Gergő Balázs, designer Janka Csernák and scientist Viktor Grónás to create a solution for the increasing rate of agricultural land loss, climate change and the consequent sea level rise. After conducting a study of the plants, the team concluded that mangroves act as a natural breakwater against tides by trapping river sediment in their roots. Their findings showed that the delta rivers could have a crucial role in compensating land loss caused by the sea level rise.

The team came up with a proposal that would serve as an incubator for young mangrove plants and help them grow until they reach full size and are able to form a natural dam. CALTROPe is a combination of the words “caltrop” (a kind of water chestnut) and “rope.” The rope-like structure would be made of specially designed curved shapes combined as modules. They would be built from a combination of concrete and organic materials and are expected to crumble away after 15 to 20 years.

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