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Nearly 3,000 square feet of warm sand is spread out in the lot adjacent to the Roundhouse complex, which stretches from the venue’s terrace. Comfy beach chairs, sun umbrellas, and windbreaks set the scene, transforming arty Camdentown into an idyllic seaside town. Visitors can cozy up to one of three bamboo Tiki bars, which are open even on cold, rainy days, and sip on tropical drinks and margaritas or nosh on Tiki grilled goods.

Like any beach, the pop-up park also has games for fun in the sun, like ping pong, badminton and bocce ball, with an ice cream truck on hand for when the playing gets too hot. The kids are also welcome, and encouraged to bring buckets and spades for hours of sand castle building, right in the heart of northwest London.

The pop-up urban oasis was developed by The Roundhouse as a way for local families to enjoy the outdoors in summer without having to travel far. The profits from events at the Roundhouse and Camden Beach benefit the organization’s music, circus, theater and new media programs that engage 3,000 11-25 year olds in the London area. Although Camden Beach may not be on the coast, don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun!

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