We thought we’d point out an interview over at Eyeteeth, where blog curator, Paul Schmelzer, talked with our friend and humanitarian design hero, Cameron Sinclair. Only portions can be seen online, but the entire “Pragmatic Experimention Interview” will be included in Paul’s forthcoming book Land, Art: A Cultural Ecology Handbook.

In other related and important matters, Mr. Sinclair is on the short list for this year’s UK Designer of the Year prize, which honors the UK-based or UK-born designer who has made the most significant contribution to the field of design in the past year.

If he wins, Cameron plans to donate the entire $40,000 (25,000 pounds) of prize money to building sustainable Katrina recovery housing in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Until May 22, you can vote for Cameron Sinclair, and help determine the outcome of the competition.

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