Caminito del Rey, the world’s most dangerous hike, reopens March 28 for the first time since it was shut down in 2001. “The King’s little path” is situated near the town of El Churro, Spain, and runs 300 feet above ground and spans four miles, making it a prime attraction for thrill-seekers and danger-lovers. Officials closed the path 14 years ago after five falling deaths occurred within two years. While the path was closed to the public, Spain invested over $5 million in repairs, which included reconstructing crumbling walkways and installing new guide ropes. Hikers are now required to wear safety helmets as well. Some are critical that the new safety features may make the hike “less exciting” to those seeking a rush, but chances are, all you have to do is look down to get a swift reminder that you’ve embarked on the adventure of a lifetime.

Via Huffington Post

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