PBS thinks so… The company has just announced a new television series about environmentally-friendly architecture called Design: E2, which will be narrated by starchitecture buff Brad Pitt. Inhabitat’s favorite Architect for Humanity, Cameron Sinclair, is also involved with the show. The series will explore “the most complex issues facing our environment: from green architecture to water culture to organic farming to recycled clothes – challenging us to live smarter, greener lives.”… In HD no less!

The show is slated to air in June on PBS.

+ E2: The economies of being environmentally conscious
Watch the trailer >

We have to admit that we have conflicting emotions over this news. On one hand, we think it’s high time that someone produce a serious TV show about sustainable design. And perhaps Brad’s love for sustainable architecture will be just the thing to inspire the public to get more involved in environmental design. On the other hand, we are a little suspicious of this trend of Hollywood celebs getting free passes to starchitect status. If all it takes is a famous name and a pretty face to become an architect, why are we wasting all these years slaving away in school!?

via ABC News