Hollywood actor Brad Pitt has jumped into the New Orleans rebuilding efforts, unveiling a green housing design for New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward. The design was selected from an architectural competition with organization Global Green, that Pitt helped underwrite and jury.

We have to admit that at first we were a bit peeved (jealous perhaps?) over this Hollywood celeb deciding that he was going to become an architect. After all, the process takes years of grueling school and slaving away as unpaid intern in the wee hours of the night (at least for us) – so our gut instinct is to be less than thrilled about the rich and famous walking up to Frank Gehry and launching an starchitecture career overnight (obviously this is the small-minded/envious part of our brain talking). However, Brad’s has been sticking to his guns on this for a while now — and his sincerity and apparent dedication to tackling real problems is starting to warm the cockles of our cynical heart. We are also starting to realize that when Brad Pitt joins the New Orleans debate or the green building debate – everyone stops to listen. Thats good news for all of us who want to get the word out and actually get something done.

According to Yahoo news, Pitt said the recovery will not work if the city does not put in place critical services such as schools — and he doesn’t see very much progress so far:

“I am appalled and embarrassed that residents still do not have the opportunity … to decide if they want to get back into their neighborhoods and recreate their communities.”

You tell ’em Brad!….Since nothing else really seems to be working, perhaps a little celebrity magic can help get the city of New Orleans back on track…

The winning design, GreeN.O.LA, can be seen along with the other short-listed entries here >

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