You can certainly cause climate change without actually believing in it, but is it possible to save the environment while still denying climate change even exists? A new video by The Guardian suggests that Republican support for solar energy may actually help combat the changes without ever convincing them that climate science is correct. The video points out that “56 percent of Republicans question climate science” and quotes Jeb Bush saying “It may not be warming.” In contrast, the video also quotes Debbie Dooley, the founding member of the Tea Party, who said “Solar empowers the people.”

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A recent survey by Solar City indicates that the video might have a point. The residential solar company asked a broad spectrum of American homeowners “Which sources of energy do you believe are the most important to America’s energy future?”

Solar power was the clear winner, at 50 percent while a further 42 percent said wind power. Oil (17 percent), nuclear power (14 percent) and coal (8 percent) brought up the rear of the rankings. According to the poll, Republicans and Democrats stand together when it comes to why they support renewable energy as well. The most power motivator for buying clean energy products and services was, for 82 percent of respondents, “saving money”.

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The video is part of The Guardian’s “Keep It In the Ground” series, which is committed to shining a continuing light on climate change. The name of the project refers to the “trillions of dollars worth of fossil fuels currently underground which, for our safety, simply cannot be extracted and burned,” according to The Guardian’s Alan Rusbridger.

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