Stratus Vineyards in the Niagara region of Ontario has the distinct honour of being recognized as the worlds first LEED certified winery and the first building to be certified by LEED Canada. Designed by architect Les Andrew, the building burns no fossil fuels, it’s heated by 24 geothermal wells, built with reclaimed wood and steel ? it’s even got bike racks and showers to encourage the use of alternative transportation for its staff.

This is really remarkable, I’ve been to Niagara-on-the-Lake many times and it’s an unbelievably beautiful part of Canada. Traditionally, wineries pump a whole lot of acidic waste water back into the eco-system. I’m elated to see such a forward looking company set up shop to show the rest of the region how it should be done. Without a doubt, I’ll be picking up a bottle of Stratus in the near future and keeping my fingers crossed that it’s as good to my palette as the winery is to the land.


Posted by Brian Corcoran