Having an alarm system is great when robbers strike, but the rest of the time, it can be kind of a pain. False alarms and overly simple sensors mean that sometimes you have to do the thinking for your alarm system. That could change thanks to a new smart alarm system called Canary that can actually tell the difference between a normal day at your house and an event like a fire or burglary. The best part is that the longer you have it, the smarter it gets.

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Canary has a built-in camera that connects to your wi-fi and monitors air, humidity, sound, motion and temperature. You can monitor the system on your smart phone using an app, and if the system senses a problem it can send you a text. You can even decide when Canary is armed and which sensors should be active while on the go. The longer you use the system, the more it adapts to understand your home, potentially learning the difference between a normal rise in temperature and a possible fire.

Right now the system is in the testing stages and the developers are looking for crowd-funding through Indiegogo. If you just can’t wait for Canary to hit the market, supporters can buy a single sensor for $199 or a 3-sensor system (which will cover a large home) for $580. And the extra nice part? There are no monthly service fees.

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Via Phys.org