I discovered this hidden gem amongst the short-listed entries to the MACEF RE-think + RE-cycle Design Competition. Jim Termeer’s Candletime is a set of hexagonal gold candle-holders which are set up in a pattern to mimic a giant digital time display.

I’m not totally sure what it has to do with recycling (the designer states some abstruse concept about “recycling time”) – but the juxtaposition between low?tech and high?tech in this design is really funny. I love the idea of 22 golden candle-holders being used to create a giant LCD display.

The cleverest part of this design is that because each candle-holder is separate item, the user is meant to continually move around the candle-holders to “update” the time. This design basically turns the whole idea of “timekeeping” on its head, since it would waste so much time to use. However I imagine it would make a great conversation piece, in the middle of a dining room table. The candle-holders are supposedly made out of gold, so I’m guessing they are darn expensive – but at least gold is highly recyclable!

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