In the hills of the Catskills Mountains, one small American-based business is using all-natural ingredients to produce handmade candles. Greentree Home is a beautiful example of what natural materials and sustainable business practices can create.

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Five candles shaped like birds. At the top left to right: light blue, mustard yellow, dark green. On the bottom is a dark blue candle and a dark red candle

Greentree Home was founded by Jenifer Green in 2000. She used her knowledge of art and sculpture, along with her love of the planet, to create natural candles made from beeswax. As a result, Greentree Home has a truly amazing selection of candles to choose from.

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Four candles shaped like houses from left to right: light blue, yellow, dark blue and green

Furthermore, all of their candles are made with 100% North American beeswax. They are unscented and totally pure. They are also utterly stunning, molded into designs that stand out and display beautifully. Currently, you get Greentree Candles in 18 gorgeous colors. Each one is individually poured and hand-finished.

Three boxes of small candles with two candles set on the outside one is a cream color and one is a yellow color

Additionally, the collection of candles includes long, elegant everyday tapers, twisted tapers, square taper designs and thicker, fatter taper styles. Shop for pillars, tea lights, wedding candles and any other design you might need. There’s also a huge collection of candle holders here. Find them in shapes that look like bottles, geometric shapes, animal shapes and more.

Multiple candles shaped like pine cones in colors of red, green, yellow, orange, blue and brown

According to Green, their material burns cleanly and has a naturally sweet scent. The candles don’t need fragrances or additives. They beautifully fill your home with practical, beautiful, sustainable art.

Four orangey-brown candles shaped like pine cones in a box with a yellow pine cone candle out of the box

Candles aren’t just for providing light when the power is out or when you’re trying to create a romantic mood. They can also be used as home décor. That’s why there are lots of artistic shapes available at Greentree Home.

Candles shaped like different size vases from left to right: a mint color, a brown one, a dark blue and a dark green one

Greentree Home candles are not the same cookie-cutter, generic candles you can find at the supermarket. These are artistic candles made with natural materials by an American-based business.

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