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Unlike many other homes in South Korea, the Lollipop House is not constructed out of concrete. According to Hoon, timber framing allows for faster construction, and lower costs. He adds that “The wood and metal is easily recyclable and less difficult to demolish when compared to concrete.” These material changes ensure that the home is more affordable initially, while its energy efficiency ensures that its long-term maintenance costs are also lower.

The Lollipop House boasts an “Ondol” or radiant floor heating system that is only used to heat the home. It is easy to install and uses very little electricity. Wood studs allow for decent insulation, which is often neglected in concrete homes, which in turn results in significant energy savings since it’s rarely necessary to use the boiler. The interior is connected by a spiral staircase that opens to a different function on each floor – all seven of which are drenched in daylighting pumped in from rooftop skylights.

+ Moon Hoon