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The elevation of the BC House’s site gives residents a superior view of the gorgeous Sierra Madre mountains and national park surrounding them. The dark rectangular volumes are made from black granite, and they float on the open white volumes below. Steel elements are exposed throughout the project, giving it a Brutalist feel.

The house features many sustainable and energy-efficient elements. The roofs are planted with green gardens, which can be viewed from the second floor. They also help harvest rain water, which contributes to the home’s gray water treatment system. To protect the home from mountain winds, GLR used double walls insulated with polyisocianurate and double windows with Low-E glass.

The twisting lap pool is heated with solar thermal panels, which also heat water for use within the house. A hydronic heating system rounds out the home’s solar thermal system.

Impressive green features aside, the home is a feat of modern luxury. It features open and airy rooms that look out onto the surrounding landscape through full glass walls that integrate the interior with the lush vegetation outside.

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