Capstone Turbine is set to blow through the boundaries of conventional hybrid electric vehicles with its recently unveiled <a href="CMT-380 supercar. Set to debut at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, the prototype hybrid can hit 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds, has a range of 580 miles, and is propelled in part by an ultra-clean and quiet jet engine. That’s right, a JET ENGINE.

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Microturbine manufacturer Capstone developed the CMT-380 in partnership with Electronic Arts Chief Creative Director Richard Hilleman. The vehicle features an electric power train that can propel the car for 80 miles without using a drop of gas – that’s double the battery mileage of most hybrids, including the Chevrolet Volt.

After it runs out of juice the CMT-380 kicks on a diesel-fueled microturbine that can carry the vehicle for an additional 500 miles. According to Capstone Turbine, the turbine is so efficient that it doesn’t require any exhaust treatment to meet air requirements set by the California Clean Air Resources Board and the EPA.

The vehicle is currently at the concept stage and production plans have not been made – according to Capstone President and CEO Darren Jamison, “The Capstone CMT-380 is a fun hybrid car with tremendous performance. Although it is not in Capstone’s business plan to start manufacturing complete cars, the limited production CMT-380 and Langford Whisper hybrid demonstration vehicle are intended to showcase the technology and demonstrate value proposition of microturbines as electric vehicle range extenders“.

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