Caraccard is a modern cabin designed by Renaud Chevallier for the French Alps, to reflect the traditional raccard building style from Switzerland. Raccard is all about family and traditional community in the alps, and that is what Caraccard has come to represent.

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A cabin the woods with a snowy mountain range in the background

A raccard is an Alpine building from Switzerland made of wood to include a central space, side rooms and granary. Caraccard takes on that same shape and style and updates it into a thoroughly modern home. The project used an existing foundation, which complicated the design. The home will be occupied most of the year, so that meant no cutting corners on full accommodations for the family. The chalet reflects its environment by taking in sweeping views in every direction of the Alpine hillside.

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Exterior of the cabin showcases the multiple layers of wood stacked on top of each other

Additionally, raccard buildings have overhangs and corbels. The cladding and exterior design were important components to this cabin, which you can see in the unusual roofline where the bay window juts out from under the edge of the roof in an unexpected twist on tradition. The carefully chosen exterior shape is created with stacked larch wood siding.

A furnace hanging from the ceiling with a large window that showcases the snowy mountain peaks in the distance

Furthermore, a gigantic bay window was delivered onto the mountainside to complete Caraccard, but it was well worth it. The amazing views and wide open window creates an airy feel you would find in a modern home.

A living area with a grey couch, a spiral staircase and a small furnace

Inside the home, the granary and cabin feel is continued throughout with wood ceilings and floors. There is also a wood burning, mid-century modern style fireplace suspended from the ceiling. An angled, almost spiral staircase combines the chalet’s main design materials with black-finished metal, glass and wood to create an open, sculptured staircase to the second floor.

Four wooden bunk beds with a wooden ladder in between them

Bedrooms and upper floors feature rustic built-in closet doors, bunk beds and exposed roof beams. Even the second floor loft has angled windows out into the beautiful surrounding countryside. Every room features custom design details and gorgeous views.

+ Chevallier Architects

Photography by Laurent Cousin