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Like us, you’re probably instantly drawn to the pavilion’s beautiful roof. The neatly-laid tiles are made from recycled rubber, and are completely child safe, and the roof gets its curved shape from circular hoops traditionally made from locally-sourced ash battens and larch. Sustainably retrieved Bone Oak was used for the framing, and the amazing stonework was done by a resident stonemason, who used Blue Pennant stone also picked up from the surrounding landscape.

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The flooring is laid with rubber surfacing taken from old Nike trainers/sneakers, further ensuring that even the smallest little child, including Jenny’s own, can feel free to play to their heart’s content in this endlessly sustainable building. Local residents of all ages can enjoy the structure, as it’s an ideal space for storytelling, tea sipping, legend-sharing, and music-making, or even just curling up with a book on a rainy day. If you haven’t already checked out our 2011 coverage of the design weekend run in part by Crafted Space, you won’t regret doing so now. There’s plenty more goodness where Caradoc’s Hideout came from!

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