Made from ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, the Carbon Black wheelchair is not just a piece of medical equipment; it’s a work of art. Six years in development, the Carbon Black wheelchair is the fulfillment of a personal dream for designer Andrew Slorance. Slorance was paralyzed after falling from a tree at the age of 14. He didn’t like the uncomfortable stigma attached to being “the boy in the wheelchair” and he established his life’s goal: recreate the wheelchair.

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The Carbon Black is indeed a completely different kind of wheelchair. It has a seat, two big wheels, and two smaller front wheels, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Unlike its ugly predecessors, the Carbon Black wheelchair is a perfect marriage of form and function. The chair has a sleek, minimal design and is made from shiny black carbon fiber, making it both lightweight and incredibly sturdy.

Aside from the construction, there isn’t much about this wheelchair that could be considered high tech. It’s a manual chair, meaning that the user must use their arms to turn the wheels and steer it. The Carbon Black is designed for active users who don’t want their medical equipment to interfere with their lives. Each chair is engineered from Formula 1 composite carbon fiber and custom made to each customer’s size and requirements.

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Slorance won’t stop after creating his revolutionary wheelchair. He intends to push forward with a whole range of new-age medical devices under the same brand. Let’s hope they look half as good as the Carbon Black wheelchair.

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