International Battery has joined forces with Electric Marine Propulsion to create a yacht that not only runs on electric batteries, but charges them using wind energy — even when the sails are down. The 60-foot catamaran, dubbed the Tang, is an impressive feat of engineering. Not only is it emission-free, made from carbon fiber and a ‘hybrid’, but the yahct boasts twin E motion 18-kilowatt permanent-magnet motors powered by a 144-volt lithium ion battery pack.

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The tang generates energy using propellers located under the sail, which turn a pair of 18-kilowatt propulsion motors that send electricity back to the batteries. Not only can this energy power the yacht’s propulsion systems, but also the luxurious interior, which features a 37 inch flat screen TV, a Bose entertainment system, LED lighting, a café-size espresso machine, two refrigerator-freezers, a dishwasher, and a water maker, among other amenities.

The Tang also has two 22-kilowatt diesel generators that can take over if there is not enough wind to power the battery pack. When moored, it can also be charged via a tradtional 144-volt charger. If you are interested in Tang, the boat will be undergoing test trials in St. Francis Bay, South Africa and will be officially revealed in February 2011 at the Miami International Boat Show.

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Via Sail-World and Green Optimist