File this in the creepy yet useful category: architectural research firm Decker Yeadonis currently researching how carbon nanotubesmay one day create a building material able to move without motors. This means that one day your windows might be able to open and close independent of you, but completely responsive to a number of other factors such as room temperature, with no mechanical parts required.

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[youtube][/youtube] Decker Yeadon’s secret sauce is called NanoINK, a compound made out of carbon nanotubes, deionized water, and a chemical surfactant that helps nanotubes disperse in water. The material grants the electrical properties of nanotubes onto substrates coated with NanoINK, i.e. paper or cotton fiber. This means that one day regular office paper would have the ability to conduct electricity when coated with NanoINK.

Sound far off? It’s not. Decker Yeadon has already demonstrated NanoINK’s feasibility in the lab. Next stop: commercialization.

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