Bizzarro Aperitivo, a canned cocktail brand, created an alcoholic beverage that is now certified carbon neutral. The base is made from biodynamic organic Vermentino grapes from Australia’s Riverland. These grapes are suited to the environment better than other varieties so they need less water. They also happen to produce lower alcohol wines with high levels of acid and a fresh fruit taste.

A hand pouring a beer can into a glass ware filled with orange liquid and ice. There is also three cans next to it

What is Bizzarro? It’s a cocktail infused with organic orange and lemon peel grown in the same region as the grapes. You can use the base Bizzarro Aperitivo in any cocktail recipe that calls for bitter red aperitivo or drink it plain with ice or soda water and a slice of orange. It’s basically white wine, water and carbonation. Mischief Brew is a grapefruit and herb tinged cocktail you can drink alone or add to other drinks.

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Additionally, the brand makes several varieties of canned cocktail that can be served alone or mixed into other drink recipes. Spritz is a blend of the Bizzarro base cocktail plus more of the organic and biodynamic Vermentino added in. Meanwhile, tonic is a blend of Bizzarro base plus local artisinal tonic water from Mischief Brew that is made with natural extracts.

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The carbon neutral certification was given by Trace, a digital platform that helps climate conscious businesses measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprint. Bizzarro Aperitivo now offsets all of the carbon it creates through making, promoting, administering and shipping products by investing in carbon positive projects in South Australia and Southeast Asia. They are also working on programs to handle wastewater management and solar power. They are truly creating a clean product that is organic, biodynamic, sustainably packaged, vegan and free of preservatives.

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Lastly, even the holders for a four-pack of cocktails is made from biodegradable sugarcane pulp. The aluminum cans can be recycled multiple times, which makes them more recyclable than glass. The cans are also 400 times lighter than glass, which saves carbon emissions from transport. These drinks are also available in 24-pack cases.

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