Nabr is disrupting the housing market with a completely new way to buy customized sustainable apartments. You can buy one entirely through software. Just as startups have given us new online options for car buying, Nabr wants to change the outdated way we shop for the right home.

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So where can you buy a Nabr apartment right now? In the heart of Silicon Valley at San Jose, California. Apartments are waitlisted, but should be move-in ready by 2023. To hold your spot, it is as little as 1% down or a $1000 deposit. The best part is: each Nabr home in this South of First Area is custom made.

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The outside balcony area of an apartment complex facing the sun

Nabr homes are carbon-neutral in operation and all-electric power. They also have modern interiors, and, best of all, they allow you to choose your own layout and pick from design packages and upgrades just like you would a vehicle.

A large outdoor area with an open doorway that has chairs and tables within

What’s truly disruptive about Nabr homes is that you have options on how to finance them. You can buy the home in a traditional loan or qualify for the Nabr LEAP. The lease-to-buy program locks in the purchase price and allows you to earn credit toward the purchase of your home while you lease it first. The program creates a bridge to home ownership for so many people who find housing costs out of reach.

A separation between the inside living room versus the outside balcony deck area

Prices for one to three bedroom apartments start in the high $700,00 range, which is in the affordable end of San Jose apartment or townhouse. Nabr homes aim to fill the niche between luxury urban cost of living and more affordable suburban homes. Just 100 personalized apartments will be created in this project, but Nabr homes will be built in a similar fashion in other locations.

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