The Paperpedic Bed by Karton is a system of intricately folded and tabbed paper panels that connect to form a sleek and modern bed frame. The 100 percent recyclable bed can expand from twin sized to one that is fit for a king, or shall we say, kings – Karton claims the bed is big enough to comfortably sleep up to 10 people and that it can support up to one ton of weight.

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Sleeping on a cardboard bed may sound just a step removed from camping, but Karton has elevated cardboard furniture with its track record of creating cheap, innovative yet strong furnishings since 1985. The company’s founders had the idea to offer furniture that could be easily assembled, or technically, unfolded, without the need for glue – or as anyone who has assembled IKEA furniture knows, the need for both tools and another run to the store to find those missing parts. Karton’s goal for its products is minimalist design that is lightweight yet strong at the same time. To that end, an experiment in Australia revealed that the Paperpedic Bed can carry the weight of 22 people.

Karton’s Paperpedic Bed and the rest of the company’s product line is affordable. The bed retails at about $190. Customers can also maximize the space in their rooms by buying a set of cardboard drawers, which also assemble in minutes and can slide under the bed, for just over $60. Rounding out the recyclable furniture set with a bedside table will set you back an extra $75, and a complete bedroom set costs less that $350.

The Papepedic Bed set is manufactured in Germany, and for now it’s only available for online purchase within Australia. The company is mulling overseas delivery, which should not be too complicated because all of Karton’s furniture is sent in flat boxes that are easily shipped. In addition to the bedroom set, Karton sells a variety of stools, shelves and tables that offer lightweight yet sturdy furnishings in the living room or the office.

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